Find out how the interior designers
have planned YOUR WHOLE HOUSE

Thanks to the great technical experience of Protek in planning pocket frames and systems for sliding doors and windows, arises Protek® + Design.

The line Protek®+Design offers innovative solutions, never imagined until now, redefining architecturally the interiors from the point of view both aesthetic and functional.

Systems for sliding and swing doors, bookcases and walk-in closets, modular furniture for the day and night area that could be highlighted or could magically disappear.

Solutions characterised by the use of precious and selected materials, from a 100% Made in Italy production, projected to assure higher performances over time.

Protek has obtained from the Swiss Association for Quality and Management the certificate ISO 9001.

Furthermore, our company uses woods coming from forest managed in a responsible way.

Protek products are studied and tested in all minimum particulars, international patented and realized with high quality materials.

Protek offers an additional guarantee of 15 years on the components and on the hanging kits, that are tested (random) every 100.000 openings and closings.

Search for Protek® brand on the pocket frames metal sheet and you will be sure of having a reliable and certified product.