Protek® is the story of a family, of determined people and a strong link with the territory.

The brothers Giovanni and Maurizio Maggioni, in the mid-80s, collected the legacy of experiences and reins of the artisan activity of the father Rino, founded in 1957: a small mechanical workshop, operating in the heart of Brianza.

Initiative and dedication have been and are nowadays the characteristics that have allowed them to develop, over the years, numerous projects addressed to several sectors of industry and craftmanship.

This is this “the professional school” that teaches the Maggioni brothers to use all types of materials,allowing them to develop original solutions which then will be applied in their fi rst desired goal: design and manufacture of pocket frames for sliding doors and windows, with innovative and futuristic solutions, combined with the historic craftsmanship of accuracy and prestige.

Thus, at the beginning of the new millennium, Protek
® was born: the name of the company deliberately contains itself the idea of immediately fi gure out innovative products. Protek® is in fact the result of the contraction of “Technological Products”.

Experience in designing, strong innovative spirit, continuous research and attention to detail, interpret the technological essence of Protek®.

The link between innovation, tradition and men, the connection to a rich territory in companies and people devoted to technology and design, represent the tools thanks to which Protek
® is able to create solutions that interpret 100% Made in Italy.

Today Protek
® is made up of a team of people closely linked to the company, which deeply rooted in it the DNA the initial motivations of the founders.

Protek®: thinking further...