The Legno e Resina (Wood and Resin) collection by Protek®+Design is characterised by tables, chairs and doors, which become unique and exclusive pieces.

 The 100% Italian handmade production and the use of precious materials, forged by the nature and the passage of the time, distinguish the products.

Oak, “briccole”, resin, visible welded iron are the distinctive features that, melted in a totally handmade production, create art objects, as a result of a perfect cohesion between design and tradition.

Groove Serie

Table, chair, stool and door made by 2 or more solid wooden strips of natual oak , adorned with special resin (transparent or coloured) cast between the boards and polished; part of wood at sight impregnated with oil, the legs are made using a raw iron square tube with trasparent opaque laquering.

The natural shape of the wood and the totally 100% Made in Italy handmade production, give the uniqueness to each single piece.



Laguna Serie

Table, chair and stool made by 2 or more wooden strips of "briccola" of Venice and resin. The "briccole" are joined in a casting of special resin (transparent or coloured) which is completely hand polished. The legs, made in invisible welded raw iron with transparent opaque laquering, complete this table.

The natural shape of the wood, the corrosion created by tides and molluscs that characterize the "briccola" and the totally handmade production 100% Made in Italy give uniqueness to each single piece.

Graffity Serie

Door panel with a veneer finishing of birch wood,stained and with a geometric triangle-shaped decoration.

Available in version:

Swing Linear® system

by protek for plasterboard or solid walls, to push or to pull, hardware included (3-4 joints with magnetic lock, handle excluded)

Sliding Linear® system

by Protek without any doorposts and covering profiles, for plaserboard or solid walls.



Measures available:
width  60/70/80/90/100 cm
height 210/240/270 cm

Other measures are available on demand.